Step 2: Customize Your Blogging Journey

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You're Going To Love Blog By Number Ebook!

The Blog By Number Ebook is full of strategies and tools to build your professional blog. I'm thrilled that you are ready to get started!

But let me ask you a quick question...

Do You Like Shortcuts?

Reading an ebook and following along is great, but learning is just so much easier when someone is guiding you, click by click.

That's why I created my premium Blog By Number Course, where you can create your blog with me click by click in under 3 hours!

Light Years Ahead

“Thanks again for the great course, it really helped me, and I can see from the other mommy’s in my Facebook groups that I am light years ahead of where they are at with their blogs because I learned from you!“

Mindy Felisiano

Upgrade To The Course And Get:

Simple Instruction Made Fun

Think of this course as a ‘paint by number’ for blogging. A step by step guide with actionable steps and no fluff.

18+ Step-By-Step Videos

I'll show you exactly where to click, and more importantly - I'll show you the secret tips and tricks you learn after 5+ years of blogging!

Plug & Play Blog Post Templates

There is a specifc structure to an effective blog post that makes you money online. I'll show you my 3 most successful templates that you can use yourself!

Professional Blog Images

The most beautiful and success blogs know how to use imagery to improve their income. In this bundle I give you access to 200 beautiful stock images that you can use on your own blog to bring in traffic!

130+ Proven Blog Post Headlines

You can spend days crafting a beautiful blog post, but without the right headline, they'll never click to read! Fix that once and for all with effective, enticing blog post headlines!

25 Blog Post Types To Use

Blogging isn't just an online diary anymore! There are specific types of blog posts that drive the most traffic and make the most money. I give you a complete list of 25 types so you make sure your effort pays off!

130+ Proven Blog Post Headlines

You can spend days crafting a beautiful blog post, but without the right headline, they'll never click to read! Fix that once and for all with effective, enticing blog post headlines!

25 Blog Post Types To Use

Blogging isn't just an online diary anymore! There are specific types of blog posts that drive the most traffic and make the most money. I give you a complete list of 25 types so you make sure your effort pays off!

50+ Facebook Networking Groups

Never blog alone! I'll show you the 50 best blogging groups that you can join to build connections and get instant traffic by sharing your advice and helping out!

480+ Pinterest Group Boards

Pinterest is one of the BEST ways for new bloggers to get traffic to their sites. I've curated the best boards that you can advertise your own content on!

83 Money Making Ideas

Ready to get creative? ​​I've compiled 83 unique ways you can use your new blog to make money from home.

Complete Online Workbook

The special blogging workbook includes complete worksheets to help you stay organized and motivated through your blogging journey!

Upgrade To The Bundle

It's the perfect companion for your blog

Don't Know What to Blog About?

There are three modules entirely dedicated to helping you decide on your perfect blog topic and name!

I've also included 25 Different Types of Blog Posts and 130+ Blog Post Titles so you can hit the ground running from the start.

Worried that no one will read your blog?

I'll share with you my Pinterest strategy that gets my blog thousands of page views per month!

It only takes a few minutes per week to do, but when done the right way, you'll notice an instant spike in traffic on your site.

Do It Yourself Photography Training

I'll show you exactly how I edit my cell phone pictures to make them pop and look super professional! Better pictures = more traffic!

Scared you won't make money with your blog?

I'll show you click by click how to get started with affiliate marketing and give you 80+ ways to make money with your blog!

Not Sure What To Blog About?

I completely get it. I was stuck in the beginning, and it was difficult to finally decide on the NICHE for my blog.

So often I see moms have a change of heart and take steps backwards to change their entire blog out...

And it's because they don't have the right guidance in the beginning.

That's why I created...

Niche By Number

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Find Your Perfect Blogging Niche

  • 9 spreadsheets you can complete PLUS all of my own personal answers too!
  • 11 Lectures & Step by Step Videos
  • Complete Google Docs Workbook with Prefilled Answers
  • 44 Page eBook
  • A Solid Successful Plan
  • And so much more!

Special Bonuses for Action Takers

There are a ton of resources here already to help you become a successful blogger. 

But I want you to be more than successful.. so I've included some really awesome bonuses!

Bonus #1: How To Use PicMonkey As A Mom Blogger

Create Unique Images for your blog that speak to your audience!

PicMonkey is an incredible and easy to use graphic program that allows you make beautiful images easily!

Learn the easiest way to do incredible graphic effects like

  • Adding Logos To Your Images
  • Putting images inside text so it stands out
  • Blending text and pictures together
  • How to remove backgrounds easily!

Bonus #2: 200 Professional Stock Images

Every blog needs its own style that it shows in its pictures.

You can pick from a huge variety of picture themes and find one that will match your brand perfectly!

Bonus #3: Post By Number - Make Google Love Your Blog!

Blog by Number will teach you how to write your first posts, but there are specific techniques you need to use to get your posts to the top of Google.

Post By Number will teach you how to write a post that the search engines will love!

Bonus #4: Contribute to the Community

Once you start your blog, it's important to get your name and brand on other people's platforms.

But it's really difficult in the beginning!

That's why I allow my students to contribute content on one of my favorite mommy blogs so that you can send traffic to your new site!

Think of it as a springboard so that Google (and everyone else!) knows that you are on the map!

Phew, That's A Lot... Let's Recap

Today you have the chance to take the best blogging shortcut available:

  • Start Your Professional Blog with the Blog By Number Course
  • Create a beautiful website from day 1 with 200 free professional stock images
  • Master the best online program to make your images beautiful and poppy with PicMonkey
  • Write advanced and SEO Optimized articles with Post By Number
  • Get Access to an exclusive blogging community to get your first (several!) backlinks to grow your own blog.

You're Probably Thinking...

This is Great... But How Much Will This Cost!?

And you're right - starting your blog is starting a business. And every new business requires an upfront investment. 

In Fact...

Most blogging courses charge $500 - $1,000 for a single course.

And that is completely worth it if it helps you build a business at home with your family.

And Today You Are Getting 4 Courses, Professional Images, and Much More

So is this going to cost you $2,000 or more?

Let's take a quick look at the cost of each course on its own:

Signature Blog By Number Course

The Best Click-By-Click Guide to becoming a profitable blogger

$97 Value

Niche By Number

The Course to help you find your perfect blog topic!

$27 Value

200 Stock Images

Professional Images to make your blog beautiful and attract visitors

$200 Value

BONUS #1: PicMonkey Graphics Course

Make Your Images Irresistable!


BONUS #2: Post By Number Course

Make Your Images Irresistable!


BONUS #3: Access to my Blogging Community

Grow your blog, your network, and your traffic!


If this information could help you build a blog that earned an extra $1,000 -$2,000 per month...

What would that mean for you?

Pay Off Debt?

Stay Home With Your Kids?

Pay The Mortgage?

This Bundle NORMALLY Sells for  $324

Once your blog starts bringing in money every month - that's an easy investment for your new business.

Compared to the cost of starting any other business - blogging is just so much easier to begin and find success.


Get The Entire Beginning Bundle for Only $324 $47!

Click the button below to get the complete Beginning Bundle - everything you need to start and grow a profitable blog for only $47!

I'll never offer it at this price again!


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“Thank you so much for all of the amazing resources and training in your blog by numbers course and the 9 step blog plan! I know that blogging is a marathon, not a sprint, but it was as if I had never even walked in my life! I am a newbie in every sense of the word, so I have taken everything super duper slow.

I know I still have a long way to go, but thank you so much for all of the hard work you have put into these courses, especially for tech illiterate moms like me that want an outlet for creativity and the possibility of helping support our families financially while supporting them in every other way!”

LINDSEY //  Beginning Blogger

Launched in about a day!

“I signed up to get your Blog By Number e-book about a week ago, then got so excited and signed up for your Blog By Number course.


It helped me to get a site up an launched in about a day. ”

JENNECA  //  Blogger

Hands Down THE BEST blog-building resource there is. No Joke

Blog by Number by Suzi Whitford is hands-down THE BEST mom blog-building resource there is. No joke. She breaks down each and every step into even smaller steps, so that everything is bite-sized and doable!

If you have even one hour today, you could complete the first step! Some steps only take 10-15 minutes, which is totally doable during your toddler’s lunchtime. Within 2 weeks, you could have a real blog of your own!

By following Suzi’s simple, step-by-step method, I was able to start this blog from scratch in ELEVEN DAYS…WHILE working my home-based job AND taking care of my boys! BOOM! Go Suzi! You rock!

Tiff  //  Mommy Blogger


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You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't love Blog By Number within 30 days, just let my support team know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

Suzi Whitford

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