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MEGAN JOHNSON  //  Pinterest Marketer

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​When I started blogging I wish I had this resource...

I bought Suzi’s book Blog By Number and even as an established blogger, I found it extremely helpful. I was knocking on her door to be one of the first to purchase this course and Suzi once again didn’t disappoint!

When I started blogging I wish I had this resource. Instead, I paid someone almost $500 to do less than half of what Suzi teaches how to do! 

MONICA //   Blogger

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Worried you'll run out of content ideas? That is IMPOSSIBLE with my list of over 8,000 blog post ideas!

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What's In Blog By Number?

Here is just a taste of what you'll be getting inside of Blog By Number. It's 90+ pages of actionable, easy-to-follow blogging strategies and tactics to help you build your dream business from home.

  1. 1
    In The Blogging Road Map You'll learn the foundation of the blogging business model, and how to move through each phase in your journey.
  2. 2
    Then we'll get right to it and Start Your Blog (Step-By-Step).  Not a techie? This part is perfect for you! Learn exactly how to get your blog set up in a way so simple even a grandma can do it. (I can say that because I've helped thousands of grandmas also!)
  3. 3
    Goal Setting for Bloggers is extremely critical to being successful. Once you have your blog up and running... what do you do next? You'll always know your next steps with this specific plan.
  4. 4
    What Exactly will you be blogging about? I help you Find Your Niche so you have a specific voice and attract the right audience who will love you and read all your wonderful advice (so you can get paid too!)
  5. 5
    Does the idea of Web Design scare you (or confuse you?). Not to worry! I'll break down everything you need to know as a complete beginner so your blog looks professional from day 1. Things like color schemes, website style, picking the right styles... It's all here!
  6. 6
    I'll show you Effective Blog Content Brainstorming strategies so you're never out of post ideas. I'll also give you 120+ Ready-to-use Blog Post Headlines, 3 blog post template structures to follow, as well plug-and-play worksheets and check lists to keep your efforts moving your blog forward.
  7. 7
    A blog can't make money without Getting Consistent Traffic. In this chapter I'll walk you through my favorite way to get quick traffic to a new blog using the most popular social media platforms!
  8. 8
    And finally, you'll learn my 5 Money-Making Strategies specific to Mom Bloggers. How do bloggers make money? Which strategies are best for beginners? How do I start? It's all in this chapter!


Hey Momma!

As a new stay-at home mom, there were so many struggles...

Money was tight in my family... I felt like all I did all day was change diapers and breastfeed... I missed the adult interaction I used to have.

So I started blogging, and found a whole new passion for helping moms just like me (and you!). Fast forward a few years, and my family has become debt-free, my husband has retired, and now we blog together and walk the kids to school ever day.

Blogging has changed my life, and I want to you to experience those blessings too!

xo, Suzi

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