Start Your Blog Step By Step

What you get:

  • Your Step-By-Step Guide to Starting A Blog... Page 13
  • Learn my 4-step process to create a unique and profitable blog name on page 19
  • Discover the 6 questions you need to ask yourself before you pick a topic to blog about on page 17
  • Not a web designer? No Worries! I share the 10 essential elements of a professional design on page 24
  • Checklists & templates to make sure you never get writer's block when posting (page 38)
  • Over 120 Blog Post Headlines to grab your reader's attention on page 44.
  • What good is a blog if no one finds it? Discover my step-by-step process to get traffic by creating beautiful Pinterest-worthy images (page 54)

  • Never Blog Alone! Learn how to find & join the perfect Facebook groups to build friends and followers on page 73

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