How did Suzi Make $53,000 her first year blogging?

My Blogging Journey - Step by Step

The Blog By Number ebook shows you how to start your blog, but what next?

The first year of blogging is full of growing pains, and I'd love to share mine with you!

Copy My Successes, and Avoid My Mistakes!

So many of my students would ask me, "Suzi, what did you do in month 3, month 4, etc to get over this hurdle?"

It was a great exercise going through my entire year and documenting each month in an easy to digest handbook.

Now I want to share that handbook that helped grow my blog to a full-time income in one year!

The Blog Income Journey Reveals...

Making money

I break down how I earned every dollar, every month!


What type of posts brought in my traffic, and what strategies completely failed?


We're all busy moms, right? Learn the tactics that allowed me to continue to move forward even when the baby was crying!


Blogging is a long-term game and can be slow in the beginning. Sometimes it helps to know that even successful bloggers hit road blocks along the way (and how I overcame them!)

Beautiful and Practical Breakdown

I'm giving you a beautiful, flippable guide to to my first year blogging. 

It's not some ugly spreadsheet or long diary, but a beautiful, concise, action-packed guide that shows everything in my first year:

Follow My Journey As You Start Your Own:

  • The action steps I took every month
  • What Worked
  • What DIDN'T! (These are so valuable!)
  • What posts I published
  • Where my Traffic came from
  • Where my Money came from
  • And overall lessons learned every month
  • And so much more!

12 Months of Lessons so You Don't Get Stuck (Like I did a bunch!)

Detailed Charts and Graphs

A picture is worth a thousand words

Get Income Journey For Only $47 $27!

If my income journey only saves you 10 hours over the next year, would it be worth it?

(Hint: It'll save you way more than that!)


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Suzi Whitford

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