Want to start a blog fast and easy?

The Blog by Number ebook, taken by thousands of happy students, is a step by step method to help you create a professional blog quickly without breaking the bank.

Struggling to find a side hustle you can do while taking care of your family?

You’ve searched for different work from home side hustles.

But none of them have actually worked.

You don’t have thousands of dollars to invest in inventory or products so you can hopefully one day sell it.

And besides, you don’t really want to grow someone else’s business.

You want to create your own thing.

A business that you can run exactly when and how you want to.

No boss, no deadlines, no quotas to meet.

Starting a blog enables you to build a business that fits your schedule perfectly.

You can work when you want to on exactly what you want to.

A blog is all about creating helpful content, and you can do that whenever you have time. 

And it comes with a huge bonus: a blog has unlimited growth.

You’re not doing hourly work where your time is limited to 24 hours a day.

People from all over the world can visit your website to bring you traffic and income.

You've tried to do this yourself...

You’ve tried to create a blog yourself but the tech was overwhelming!

And you’re consumed with doubt that anyone would ever read your blog.

And you feel all of your ideas are boring and already written about online.


When it comes to starting a blog, it’s hard to create something unique that you feel is good enough. 

Most new bloggers I see are making one HUGE mistake!

They are focusing too much on themselves and not on their audience. 

And when that happens, visitor’s stop reading because they don’t see what’s in it for them, you loose confidence and slowly stop sharing your advice and God given talents!

If you're here, you've struggled to find a side hustle that works...

But nothing has really paid off and you’re still struggling to find the right work from home gig. 

You have amazing advice and the passion to make this work! While doing client work or pitching MLM products could bring in an income, there is no room for exponential growth. And you’re building someone else’s business, not your own!

Creating your own blog allows you to start building a brand and audience that trust you.

Your message. Your audience. Your tribe. 

Imagine creating a beautiful, insanely helpful blog post that goes viral!

You’re helping thousands of people with advice you shared on your blog.

These visitors turn into email subscribers and social media followers.

Now every time you email your list or post on social, you can share an affiliate link or the sales page to your own small ebook. 

Slowly, you’re starting to make a few affiliate sales.

Wow, your first $100!

Then you create a mini ebook and price it at $9. 

The visitors from your blog already know, like and trust you, so they buy your ebook!

And you make sales! Of your own product!

Before you know it you’re making $500 per month from the warm audience you’ve built up with your blog.

You can cover the grocery bill for the month.

And as your blog grows, your audience grows and your portfolio of products grow too!

Before you know it, you’re asking your husband to quit his corporate job and help you run the blog.

Instead of building someone else’s business, you’ve slowly built your own!

Starting a blog builds an audience of people who know, like and trust you.

How would it feel if people were visiting your blog and sharing your content.

If your talents and advice as making an impact on someone else?

To finally build a loyal tribe of friends online that you can help! 

And in turn build your very own business you’re proud of!

Imagine confidently sharing your blog and seeing more and more visitors each day!

Those visitors click on your affiliate links and turn into email subscribers.

They love your content and trust your expertise.

When you recommend something, they go for it because you’ve helped them so much with your blog.

Building a warm audience through blogging allows you to make money easily by sharing affiliate links or your own digital products.

Why it's so important to build an audience that loves you!

If you already have a product on Etsy, or Shopify or online store – your blog can send warm, high converting traffic to it.

If you have coaching or consulting services, or you want to create an online course, your blog can send excited visitors to your sales pages.

If you want to create printables or small digital products, blogging allows you to build an audience of people excited for every product you launch!

You can start a blog to generate traffic to your already existing products or to build an audience for your future product launches!

How would your life be different if you could:

CONFIDENTLY write blog posts that you know people are searching for.

Know EXACTLY why some blog posts never get shared and why others go viral.

EASILY create a beautiful website that you’re proud to share with your friends and family.

Know how to make MONEY with your blog by building your own business.

YES! You can build a beautiful blog!

There is a way to create a gorgeous blog without all the tech hassle or professional designer costs!

YES! Save Time!

You don't have to spend months creating a blog (because blog templates and blog post ideas exist!)

YES! There is an easy system!

You can build a blog easily without getting overwhelmed and grow a loyal audience!


with both hands up!

I've grown my blog to become a full time income producing machine and retired my hubby all while raising three little minions.

My students have also had amazing success with growing a loyal audience through blogging.

You don’t have to waste time to figure out how to do this yourself.

I’m going to show you the shortcut to building a profitable blogging business.

I’m an engineer turned stay at home mom to three little ones! I’ve been creating websites since 2009. What started as a little hobby blog turned into a life changing decision. I never knew blogging could be so powerful.

I even retired my husband from his 9-5 corporate job by blogging. 

Suzi Whitford

Course creator

74,478 Students

I’ve taught over 74,000 students to start and grow their blogs, can I teach you too? 

Just imagine how big your following will be a year from now if you started today.

Are you a busy mom but want to start a blog?

This offer is for you.

It is for those who only have an hour here or there to work on a side hobby.

It is for moms who want to share their voice with the world but are too fearful to start a blog because it is too ‘technical’ and takes too much time.

I’ve put all the resources you’ll need in this offer to start your successful blog!


Blog by Number ebook


The Blog by Number ebook will teach you how to start your blog, write popular posts and build a loyal audience so you can build a successful business from home.

$1,300 per month in less than a year

My blog income growth

In one year I’ve been able to grow my blog from $0 to over $11,000 per month. Below you can see my blog income chart. This income came from services, affiliates and products. I will teach you how to do this too!

I want all moms to be able to make money from home while raising a family. I want you to achieve financial freedom. I want to help you start and grow a blog without feeling overwhelmed.

The step by step system will show you exactly the path I took below!

Start a blog because it allows you to...

…make money from home so your spouse doesn’t have to work such long hours, 

so that you can pay off debt and contribute to the family finances,

so you can put your kids in amazing schools,

so you can finally take that family vacation.

Whatever your reason, you can do this without losing sleep, or time with your children, or the fear of thinking you’re not good enough or smart enough.

I’ll be with you every step of the way.

I’m a stay at home mom of three beautiful little blessings and I started my blog 3 weeks before the birth of my second baby.

It wasn’t the perfect time at all. But it worked!

$2,382 in one month from online sales

Endless Ideas

In this offer are endless ideas for blog posts so you're never stuck not knowing what to write about!

click by click

Think of this course as a ‘paint by number’ for blogging. A step by step guide with actionable steps and no fluff.

traffic methods

Master surefire ways to get traffic through Pinterest, SEO and social media.

make money

Learn how to make money from day one with your blog and how to grow each month.

Ready to learn how to build a blog that could replace your income?

You’re in control. You choose what to blog about. It’s your business. No boss. No deadlines. Just unlimited potential for growth.

What's inside the ebook?

Taken by thousands of students to start their blogs, the Blog by Number ebook, with over 100+ pages, is the how to guide for starting your blog, getting visitors and making money.

bbn ebook layflat

✅ It’s the how-to guide to starting your blog, getting visitors and making money.

✅ More than 9,380 students have used the Blog by Number ebook to start their blogs.

✅ Dedicated Blog by Number students are making $1,000 – $10,000 per month with their blogs – working from home!

✅ Get access for life – plus all future updates for free!

120 fill in the blank Headlines

The easiest way to get more people on your website is to use the right headlines for your blog posts. I’ve included a list of 120 popular headlines to increase your traffic and make your content more shareable.

Updated Pinterest Strategy

Pinterest is one of the platforms that changes more frequently – so I keep the Blog by Number ebook updated! I’ve included the Pinterest strategy that’s working right now to drive traffic to my blog!

25 types of blog posts

Don't know what to blog about? Get the list of 25 different types of blog post that can be applied to any niche or topic! These are proven to work posts that will grow your blog.

What if you don't have time?

Blogging is a flexible side hustle. You can work when the kids nap or sleep. I spend about 3-4 hours a day working on my blog. Some days I don’t touch it at all, and I rest and play with my little ones.

In the beginning you’ll put in more time into your blog, but the longer you do it, the easier it will become and the less you’ll have to work.

I bought the ebook last night and I am blown away by the content. I feel like you put all the most important things in one place and it’s easily accessible.

This ebook would have saved me HOURS of time years ago and will definitely save me hours of time in the future.

I especially love the Google docs. The editorial calendar and Standard Work sheet are going to be my best friend. Thanks!



Get the Blog by Number ebook
plus all these bonuses today!

  • > Blog by Number ebook ($18)
  • > Income Journey ebook ($47)
  • > 200 Money Making Topics ($97)
  • > Professional Stock Images Pack ($29)
  • > Blog Growth Cookbook ($27)
  • > Email Bundle ebook ($47)
  • > 8,000 Blog Post Ideas ($97)
  • > The 12 Month Blog Plan + Blog Niches ($17)


Total Price: $379

Today's Price: $27

How much does it cost?

To setup a professional blog does not cost much. You can get an amazing hosting package built on the powerful WordPress platform for under $5 per month. In the Blog by Number ebook I show you how to use free tools to run your blog and make money from home.

I bought Suzi’s book Blog By Number and even as an established blogger, I found it extremely helpful. I was knocking on her door to be one of the first to purchase!

When I started blogging I wish I had this resource. Instead, I paid someone almost $500 to do less than half of what Suzi teaches!

I highly recommend this to all new bloggers and even bloggers who have been blogging for years!



It's the cheapest side hustle to start.

under $4/month & free tools

To start a blog is less than $4 per month. And I search to high quality free tools so you can grow your blog without growing your debt.

Blogging is beyond a doubt one of the most affordable side hustles to start.

All you need is a host, also known as a place to store your flies. Like Dropbox, but for your blog content.

And hosting costs less than $4 per month. So that’s pretty much it. 

I recommend free tools you can use to grow your blog in the Blog by Number ebook to create a super professional blog quickly.

Wish starting a blog was easier?
And that it didn't take hours to do?

I know you can do it, you just need the right resource! And this is it.

This offer makes blogging as easy as ‘paint by number’. This easy step by step process will save you huge amounts of time to get your blog up and running. And get you loads of traffic even in your first month!

What about some bonuses!?

The Blog by Number ebook is the only blogging ebook you need to succeed.

It is extremely comprehensive while making things super simple to implement and understand.

But since I want you to be wildly successful, I’m giving you these crazy amazing bonuses too!

The Blog Growth Cookbook

208 Strategies to help you plan your entire year of blogging growth in only 30 seconds per week!

52 Money, Traffic and Email Growth Strategies

"Loving the new courses. The Growth Cookbook one is incredible and got my brain sparkled into motion again and the Year of Newsletter Ideas has saved my sanity as I really struggle here. They would also make good social media posts!"
Gail Kennedy

The Income Journey Ebook

How I made $53K in my first year blogging

Detailed charts and graphs

I explain every bump in traffic, email subscribers and sales to help you follow the same success!

Summary of every month

I’ve summarized the key points of every month for you to help you take action quicker!

The Email Bundle Ebook


All my emails verbatim

200 Money Making Keywords

200 Money Making Keywords layflat

Fantastic for affiliate marketing!

12 Month Blog Plan

the perfect blog plan layflat with white text

Stay focused with a proven plan

Best Blogging Niches

trending 2020 blog niches

Choose the right niche

Gorgeous high quality stock images

stock images pack

9 Super Pretty High Quality Stock Images

Never, ever run out of ideas

What about 8,000+ blog post ideas?

Just to recap...

The list was getting a bit long, phew... here is everything in the offer today!

Get the Blog by Number ebook
plus all these bonuses today!

  • > Blog by Number ebook ($18)
  • > Income Journey ebook ($47)
  • > 200 Money Making Topics ($97)
  • > Professional Stock Images Pack ($29)
  • > Blog Growth Cookbook ($27)
  • > Email Bundle ebook ($47)
  • > 8,000 Blog Post Ideas ($97)
  • > The 12 Month Blog Plan + Blog Niches ($17)


Total Price: $379

Today's Price: $27

"saved me countless hours of frustration"

Blog by Numbers is fantastic! As a first-time blogger, with big ideas and no direction, this book was instrumental in helping me implement and structure my blog. 

I felt like I was having a conversation with a friend! 

Suzi offers free templates, handy printable guides, stock images and many other resources outside of the tips and step by step instructions of how to build a blog. 

Suzi explains how Pinterest and other social media outlets can grow readership and makes these channels accessible to her readers.

I am so incredibly thankful I found her book before I even started my blog. It saved me countless hours of frustration and feeling isolated in the process. 

Honestly, without her tips and email encouragement, I likely would have given up before I’d finished my website.



100% No Risk Stress Free Purchase

I know spending money on yourself is hard, but know this is not just a new trinket, it’s an investment. I’m a mom just like you and I’d rather spend my money on my kids than on myself, I get it. 

But just imagine, this offer will teach you how to build a successful blog. And once you learn how to make your first $100 online, you’re on your way to making a full time income!

I’m super proud of the information in this offer. It has helped me build a successful business. But I can’t promise you’ll see the exact same results, that’s where the effort on your side needs to come in.

Of course, if you do not find the ebook, templates, bonuses and additional resources helpful and you have no success after implementation, you can request a refund within 30 days.

Get the Blog by Number ebook
plus all these bonuses today!

  • > Blog by Number ebook ($18)
  • > Income Journey ebook ($47)
  • > 200 Money Making Topics ($97)
  • > Professional Stock Images Pack ($29)
  • > Blog Growth Cookbook ($27)
  • > Email Bundle ebook ($47)
  • > 8,000 Blog Post Ideas ($97)
  • > The 12 Month Blog Plan + Blog Niches ($17)


Total Price: $379

Today's Price: $27

"every blogger should have it"

Any of my friends who have thought… Man, I want to start a blog but OHHHH I have no idea where to start… 

You have to see this book! It is amazing! Really. In fact,I think every blogger should just have it in their arsenal just as a way to tweak things that aren’t working for them currently.

It really is a great resource. I am so happy I found it!

Not only is it an ebook with step by steps on starting a successful blog and templates created FOR YOU!



I've helped over 74,400+ students... here's what they have to say.

students say

For all the content information you have in BBN it really is a steal for the price. Thank you for presenting the materials in such a down to earth, understandable way.

It comes through that you care and love your customers and want to see us succeed. Thank you so much. 


I’m sure you know there are tons of blogging eBooks out there, and certainly lots of them are good.

However, this one I found today was honest to goodness created for people who need that hand-holding and step-by-step guidance.

This is a big, meaty book with 141 pages. It’s not a short little guide — it’s a long book full of actionable content.


Start a blog by number blogging course review. www.startablogbynumber.com

Your course help me more than you will ever know! I more than enjoyed it. I learned so much.
I wish I had started with this instead of muddling through the process on my own. 


Blog by Number by Suzi Whitford is hands-down THE BEST mom blog-building resource there is. No joke. She breaks down each and every step into even smaller steps, so that everything is bite-sized and doable!


Start a blog by number blogging course review. www.startablogbynumber.com
Start a blog by number blogging course review. www.startablogbynumber.com

For a beginner just starting out it’s the perfect, all in one source. I literally searched for hours on each topic trying to DIY my own blog in the beginning.


Thank you so much Suzi!

This can be very overwhelming and you have helped break it down for me so much!


I was first introduced to Suzi through her BBN book, which I loved, so when it was time for me implement my blog dream, I knew I was going to invest in the BBN course.

I am a stay-at-home mom and only have about an hour a day to work on building my blog. I was able to use the little time I had efficiently.

Suzi’s tips were so easy to implement. But more importantly, it felt like Suzi was right by my side encouraging me along.

I am a few months into my blog and I’m still so happy with what I’ve learned, and I keep going back for more of what Suzi has to teach.



Contact: support at startamomblog.com 

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